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  1. I definitely agree with everything you've said here, quotes such as 'no bad days' just aren't realistic at all, lets be honest. As someone who suffers with anxiety/depression, it can be so bloody hard to get out of bed some days and there are days where you really don't want to be here anymore and thats tough. Bad days are actually okay and people suffering should know/understand that! I just try and pick out the quotes that seem to send out a good message!Lucy | Forever September

  2. Not too critical at all, i couldn't agree more! I once wrote a post "what's in a quote?" and talked about how easily they're thrown around. Some big bloggers/youtubers out there can tweet a quote and it gets so many "this is LIFE" "you are so wise" and the quote is literally "keep going." A QUOTE isn't a cure for life! I think a lot of them lack substance and also give contradicting reasons. I personally dislike "choose happiness", because if i could i most definitely WOULD :-/ It ain't that simple!Bumble and Be

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