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  1. First of all, absolutely loving the re-vamped blog (especially that lil tiger right up at the top). Secondly, I absolutely loved reading this blog post, your time in Padstow looks amazing (ngl I'm a lil jel of how incredible this place looks) and all of these photos give me those by the sea vibes, so gorgeous! x

    • Aw Em, thank you so much sweetie! I'm so glad you love the new blog and this blog post! You're the sweetest xx

  2. Cornwall is such a beautiful area and Padstow actually isn't somewhere I've been before but the harbour area is stunning! I've been to St Ives briefly before but I'd love to go back because I remember it being so pretty and full of gorgeous little sea side cottages!Lucy | Forever September

    • Lucyyy you need to go! You'd love it! And St. Ives is very pretty (although I resent it a little at the moment for the amount of sand we had to get haha) xx

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