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  1. Lizzie,I’m so proud of you for posting this blog post!I’m so glad that God has been able to help you get through some hard times��I love you a lot and I’m always here for you whenever you need me��I’m a Christian too!

  2. This was written so beautifully Lizzie and I'm so glad that you've been able to turn to your faith and religion through some difficult times! Lots of love, Em x

  3. Such an amazing post Lizzie and so brave to speak out about. This has prompted me to attend my local Alpha course as I'm intregued to learn about christianity and the whole faith/belief thing as I'm totally oblivious to it all and have never truly believed in anything. I think I've hit a point in my life where its time to explore it and see where it could take me. Lucy | Forever September

    • I'm still so proud of you for wanting to attend lovely! So excited to support you through it x

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