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  1. Hello Lizzie,It's taken me nearly 4 weeks to read your Blog…. I've read the first three paragraphs of the very first part of your introduction so many times over that I don't care to remember. The fourth paragraph just throws me totally and that's the sole reason why its taken me this no not that its lengthy or boring. Its quite a contrast… its inspiring and you must be very proud of how your addressing your health… love the fashion pages too. Last evening after seeing the recent April blog I thought I'd tackle it differently so I read the most recent¬† first and then started at the beginning. I just wanted to say how brave , clever and beautiful you are…. inspiring to all us young and old who sometimes in our lives go through similar although sometimes very different situations . Lizzie …. mum would have been so so sad of your mental health but she would have been so so proud of how you're grasping at the positives of living. Despite of the hurt of a selfish old friend you are loved by many that's quite obvious. Accept that warmth and understanding isn't a quality that everyone if gifted with… to that individual who is cold, selfish and ignorant may be she'll to be awarded with some maturity, understanding and empathy and may be her journey will even be tougher for her for she has the guilt to carry.Of course I was saddened to hear of your bullying when you were younger…. to us you were always "Little Lizzie".To close this I would like just to say as a FB friend and writing this Blog on how much it has helped me … as long as either you or Steph keep in touch your mum will continue to live in both of you. I treasure my memories and miss her dearly.Lots of Love.

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